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How to Poo on Holiday

We try to keep our blog refined, as befits our sophisticated readers. That being said, please indulge us stepping out of character to recommend a “must read” for world travelers.

“How to Poo on Holiday” is delightful, light-hearted and hilarious – the perfect distraction for a long, tedious flight.

From techniques and erudite advice, to real life situations and golden rules of toilet etiquette, this book is chock-full of waggish gems.

It’s also a practical guide, including translations of useful phrases inspired by actual events.

“It’s very interesting how you made a toilet out of a car seat.” (Moldavia)

“No, I’m just not very hungry. Thanks.” (Australia)

“Help! My friend fell in the septic tank!” (Viet Nam)

“Can you please tell the accordion players to leave me alone in the toilet?” (Argentina)

“Could your friend please stop looking at me through the little window?” (Armenia)

“Give me two minutes. Yes, you will get it for your pigs afterwards.” (Azerbaijan)

But don't keep all the fun to yourself.

“How to Poo on Holiday” is also the perfect bon voyage gift to help ease the passage of your traveling friends.

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