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The Pandemic Changed Everything. Or Did It?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for travelers.

Or did it?

Even as global travel ground to a screeching halt for two years that seemed like an eternity, the passion endured. According to surveys, the majority of American travelers remained in a “ready to travel state of mind.”

This sentiment reveals something profound and moving about our fond and deep desire to connect to the world.

How vividly we all remember the excitement of receiving our first passport. The anticipation of our first trip abroad. The wonderment of embarking on a bold new adventure. The pride and joy of a well-stamped passport.

But mostly we remember how traveling for the first time brought such meaning that it became a way of life.

A recent article in The Economist admonished that post-pandemic life is not to be hoarded, but to be lived. In that spirit, what could be more fitting than to venture forth again for the first time?

Indeed, the pandemic changed how and when many of us once again spread our wings. But did it change everything? Quite the contrary. Nothing will ever infect or impact our love of travel. In that we are steadfast.

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