Bolivia: Splendor of the Andes

July 2021


If ever a country had a soul, that country is Bolivia. It’s a place like no other: unabashed, unpretentious, unapologetic about its uniqueness. As the world charges at lightning speed toward global homogeneity, Bolivia remains singular and enigmatic. A good deal of its individuality can be attributed to its isolation, as South America’s most remote country. This is a dream trip for anyone captivated by stunning landscapes, historical richness, vibrant folkloric music & dance, and stalwart ethnic groups that have maintained their traditions intact for centuries. Discover the wonders of La Paz, the enchantment of Lake Titicaca, the geological splendors of the Andes Mountains & Uyuni Salt Flats, the cultural treasures of Sucre, and the storied history of Potosí. Please join us on a very special journey to this timeless destination.

Tour Highlights


  • La Paz, “the city that touches the clouds”

  • Lake Titicaca, birthplace of Inca civilization

  • World’s largest salt flat, its petrified coral island, and all their wonders of nature

  • Lofty landscapes of the majestic Andes mountains

  • The mining town of Potosí, and its history of wealth, splendor, tyranny & oppression

  • The charming colonial town of Sucre

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