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Bolivia: Splendor of the Andes

July 14 - 28, 2024

“Debbie was brimming with energy so infectious, we were ready to follow her anywhere. And we did. Her Spanish and capacity for making friends in any language smoothed our way. She was an expert on and enthusiast for all things Bolivian.” 

Susan, 'Focused on Bolivia' St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“To experience  cultures little affected by modern society, without undue discomfort, with painstaking attention to detail, this is the trip!  We may go again, something we seldom consider." Bill & Beth

If ever a country had a soul, that country is Bolivia. It’s a place like no other: unabashed, unpretentious, proud of its uniqueness. As the world charges at lightning speed toward global homogeneity, Bolivia remains singular and enigmatic. A good deal of its individuality can be attributed to its isolation, as South America’s most remote country. This is a dream trip for anyone captivated by stunning landscapes, historical richness, vibrant folkloric music & dance, and stalwart ethnic groups that have maintained their traditions intact for centuries. Discover the cultural treasures of Sucre, the storied history of Potosí, the geological splendors of the Andes Mountains & Uyuni Salt Flats, the enchantment of Lake Titicaca, and the wonders of La Paz. Please join us on a very special journey to this timeless destination.

Tour Highlights

  • Sucre, a charming colonial town and cradle of Bolivian independence

  • Potosí, an intriguing, once grand mining city of wealth, splendor, tyranny & oppression

  • Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat, its petrified coral island, and all their wonders of nature

  • Lake Titicaca, birthplace of Inca civilization

  • Tiwanaku, monument to a lost civilization and seat of untold mystery

  • La Paz, the city that touches the clouds

  • Imposing landscapes of the majestic Andes mountains

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