Breakfast in Burma

November 10 - 22, 2021



What was the world like in a simpler time? The time described by such legendary travelers as Marco Polo, Rudyard Kipling and George Orwell. The answer lies throughout Burma. Its attractions tell stories:  tales of royalty & colonialism; Buddhism & ancient art forms; village life & traditional values; and fabled places like Rangoon & Mandalay. Some are exotic or serene. Others are intriguing or nostalgic. All are enchanting. All are unforgettable. All will leave you jaw in hand, speechless and amazed that such a gracious place still exists. This magical country promises wonderful cultural experiences, and delivers even more than it promises. 


Tour Highlights


  • Resplendent 2500 year old golden Shwe Da Gon Pagoda

  • Sunrise over 11th century Bagan temples from a hot air balloon (optional)

  • Inle Lake’s charms and fishing villages in a magical world afloat

  • Timeless scenes from daily life in the pristine Burmese countryside

  • Hospitality and Buddhist spirituality of the world’s most gracious people

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