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Breakfast in Burma

November 10 - 22, 2021

"We continue to enjoy SE Asia, but Burma by far tops our favorites. Uncommon Journeys is to be thanked for that. You have spoilt us forever. Nothing will ever quite match up."  Tish & Basil

“The trip was beyond fabulous! The way you laid it out, one amazing place and experience after another, was nothing short of genius.Thanks to you, Burma is no longer just a place on the map, but a place in our hearts.” Denise & Steve

"Our Burma trip ranks way at the top of decades of travel. Lovely hotels with so much character, great meals, unique & fascinating cultural visits, an itinerary that was thoughtfully planned & expertly executed. We LOVED it!  When can we return?"  Linda & Dugal

What was the world like in a simpler time? The time described by such legendary travelers as Marco Polo, Rudyard Kipling and  George Orwell. The answer lies throughout Burma. Its attractions tell stories:  tales of royalty & colonialism; Buddhism & ancient art forms; village life & traditional values; and fabled places like Rangoon & Mandalay. Some are exotic or serene. Others are intriguing or nostalgic. All are enchanting. All are unforgettable. All will leave you jaw in hand, speechless and amazed that such a gracious place still exists. This magical country promises wonderful cultural experiences, and delivers even more than it promises. 

Our hearts go out to the people of Myanmar.

Our thoughts are with them in their struggle for democracy.

We look forward to returning to that magical country

when the time is right.

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