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our philosophy

Our philosophy is straightforward.


Our values are the soul of our company. They guide every decision we make. We treat you the way we like to be treated, priding ourselves on impeccable service and painstaking attention to detail. We love sharing favorite sites, attractions and hotels that have made our tours popular, but we’re not stuck in the past. We strive to constantly improve and remain at the very top of our game.


Our pricing is not only competitive; it’s fair and respectful. Rather than collecting a windfall as participation increases, we offer tier pricing and pass along the savings to you.


We recognize that when you join an Uncommon Journeys tour, you extend your trust to us. We do not take that trust lightly. And when you return to travel with us again and recommend our tours to your friends, we know that we have done our job well.


Our approach is simple.


Every tour is accompanied by an experienced tour director and a top notch local guide. The itineraries are all-inclusive. They’re structured, but with enough flexibility for discovery. They allow for exploration without being rushed. They offer cultural immersion without deprivation.

Our tours are sustainable.


Much of the world has been taught to beg for money, candy, pens, toys, lipstick and trinkets by well-intentioned but misguided tourists bearing “gifts.” These handouts belittle the people, erode the local culture, perpetuate a negative stereotype of patronizing foreigners, and create reliance on begging. They also encourage parents to exploit their children by sending them to beg from tourists instead of to school. We are determined that our presence will not endanger the gracious ways of life of the places that we visit. In order to preserve the culture and dignity of the people, we enforce a strict policy against handouts. If you feel it would be difficult to comply with our policy, you should reconsider before signing up for our tours. On the other hand, if you share our philosophy of sustainable tourism and our commitment to preserving these gentle cultures and dignified ways of life, we look forward to sharing the trip of a lifetime with you.

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