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The best traveling I've ever done. Thank you so much for all you do to create a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. I will spread the word. Barbara (Slovenia & Croatia)

Our Burma trip with you ranks way at the top of decades of adventure. Lovely hotels with so much character, great meals, unique & fascinating cultural visits, an itinerary that was thoughtfully planned & expertly executed. We LOVED it!  When can we return?

Lynda & Dugal (Burma)


We continue to enjoy SE Asia, but Burma by far tops our favorites. Uncommon Journeys is to be thanked for that. You have spoilt us forever. Nothing will ever quite match up.

Tish & Basil (Burma)


Ethiopia was a trip of a lifetime and a spectacular experience. It is a beautiful and fascinating country. We are trying to cling to the magic and the memories. Thank you for the opportunity. Barbara & George (Burma, Bolivia, Ethiopia)


The Burma trip was beyond fabulous! We learned so much about so many things. The way you laid it out, one amazing place and experience after another, was nothing short of genius. Managing expectations is always key to success, and you did it brilliantly! Thanks to you, Burma is no longer just a place on the map, but a place in our hearts. Denise & Steve (Burma, Slovenia & Croatia)

My client just returned from your Burma tour and can’t say enough about you, the tour, and how traveling to Burma has left an impact on his life.  Michele  (Burma)


Debbie was brimming with energy so infectious, we were ready to follow her anywhere. And we did. Her Spanish and capacity for making friends in any language smoothed our way. She was an expert on and enthusiast for all things Bolivian.  'Focused on Bolivia' by Susan Thomson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Bolivia)

We have amazing memories of our trips to Burma and Ethiopia, both places we would never have visited if not for your wonderful tours. What an experience we had in Burma! It was truly the trip of a lifetime. It was all sensational: the places we visited, the hotels, the unhurried organization, the meals,  and of course Burma itself, the people and history. Aileen & Paul (Burma, Ethiopia)

Ethiopia was nothing like we anticipated. Its beauty is unsurpassed, its villages delightfully authentic and unspoilt, and its treasures simply amazing. We owe a large debt of gratitude to Debbie, our own Queen of Sheba, for an unforgettable experience which will be forever in our hearts. Let's not forget Assefa (local guide)! When we heard them laughing together, we knew the hard work was already done. Ethiopia has delighted and surprised us all. Thank you! Graham & Jo (Burma, Bolivia, Ethiopia)


To experience remote cultures little affected by modern society, without undue discomfort, with Debbie's attention to detail, this is the trip!  I may go again, something I seldom consider. Bill & Beth (Bolivia, Guatemala, India)

Traveling with you is one of our favorite memories. The interactions were sensitive and revealing. We are immensely impressed with your skill at leading tours and helping  participants to photographs they couldn’t otherwise capture. David & Margaret (Guatemala)

We can never thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime. We will never forget it. Burma will be in our hearts forever.

Margaret & Barry (Burma)


Your Burma tour was truly outstanding. We cannot thank you enough for introducing us to such a beautiful country and its welcoming people. It was life changing for all of us. Burma has given us reason to greet each day with a smile on our faces. Emelie, Matthew & Olivia (Burma)


What a fabulous trip! All the places were incredible, and meals and hotels exceeded our expectations. We want to go again! We will definitely consider other trips with Uncommon Journeys in the future. Nancy & Greg (Burma)


Thank you for introducing us to Burma and its people. You made a very special trip extraordinary. Corinne & Rob  (Burma)

Of all my trips, and there have been many, I have never had a guide who totally immersed herself in the culture and gave us a true awareness of its history. Joyce (Thailand, Burma)


Burma was the highlight of all my travels. You were instrumental in making it so. Your knowledge and love of the country are always evident. San (Thailand, Burma)

Words cannot express what an amazing trip we had. The beauty, history & cuisine were feasts for the senses. Thank you for guiding us through the journey to Slovenia and Croatia."

Rhona & Keith (Burma (twice), Slovenia & Croatia)


We now understand why Burma is your spiritual home. You are a special person and we really enjoyed the trip because of you. Joe & Rona (Thailand, Burma)

Many wonderful thoughts linger at the conclusion of this journey. The quiet spirituality and kindness of the Burmese people have captured my heart and made me their champion. I shall never forget them. Frank (Burma, Guatemala, India)

Traveling with Uncommon Journeys has given me the best adventures I've ever experienced.  I want to highlight Debbie's professionalism, adeptness in arranging "on the ground" requirements (whether anticipated or not), equanimity, tact, and obvious love for the cultures and people of the countries we visited.  She is a superlative tour leader and photographer, the best I've come across in my many travels around the world. Tewfic (Burma (twice), Guatemala, Bolivia, Ethiopia)


I'm getting ready for a photo exhibit, in which I'm going to show images of children. I have so many good ones from our tour. I’m grateful to you every time I look at them. Sandy (Burma, India)

The highlight of the trip was the Danikil Depression, especially sleeping under stars. The next day was pure magic. We have such fond memories. Hania & Jones (Burma (3 times) Bolivia, Ethiopia)

I have already told several people, and will continue to do so, that the trip to Burma was amazing; that you and Daniel create alchemy together, and that I’d recommend them taking that trip, and any others that you offer. Suzy (Burma)

As always, the trip was thoughtfully planned and expertly executed - sheer perfection. We cannot thank you enough. This has been an exceptional experience. Nancy & Charlie (Burma, Bolivia, Slovenia & Croatia)

Thank you for a wonderful trip. Another perfect 10. Annie (Burma, Ethiopia, Slovenia & Croatia)

Another fun, wonderful, exciting trip. Love love love Slovenia & Croatia!

Jeanny (Burma (twice), Bolivia, Slovenia & Croatia (twice)

Jet lag! But your tours make it all worthwhile. It was indeed a wonderful trip. We just met a woman who went to Ethiopia and she says we must go there. We will definitely go with you. Nancy & Neil (Burma, Slovenia & Croatia)

The highlight was boating along the coast to Bowa, our delightful cabana and seafood feast. Wonderful! Brenda & Bob (Burma, Slovenia & Croatia)

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