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Bolivia…The World’s Best Kept Secret

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Bolivia is South America’s best kept secret. But the world is catching on.

Paul Richardson, travel writer for The Financial Times, touts it, saying, “Once an off-the-radar redoubt of outdoor adventurers and shaman seekers, Bolivia is coming into its own. It may not yet be a front-ranked global destination, but I can’t help feeling that moment may well be just around the corner.”

Did you know that Bolivia…

  • is the birthplace of Rachel Welch’s father

  • is where Che Guevara, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid met their waterloo

  • has thirty-six indigenous cultures

  • boasts the world’s highest navigable lake and largest salt flat

  • has mined one mountain continuously for 460 years

  • has a voting age of 18 for married citizens and 21 for singles

  • is the only place in the world (that we know of) with dancing traffic control zebras

Intrigued? Please join us for Bolivia: Splendor of the Andes and experience this special place before it is forever transformed by tourism.


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