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Helping the Burmese Help Themselves

On February 1, 2021, the Burmese (Myanmar) military staged a coup, leaving death, destruction and poverty in its wake.

The crisis has laid bare the very soul of the Burmese people. They have banded together with courage and fortitude, regardless of age, religion or ethnicity, to fight for their hard-won democracy. They have not given up. They have chosen hope for a better future.

Many of you who have visited Burma with Uncommon Journeys and fallen in love with that magical country, have asked what we are doing about the situation. Rest assured, we are not just sitting back idly, waiting for the crisis to pass.

Through our Burmese partners and network we are getting help to those rendered most vulnerable by the coup:

  • Doctors and nurses caring for the sick and injured

  • Farmers who have no means to transport or distribute their crops for sale

  • Families struggling to put food on their tables and send their children back to school

Our efforts focus on buying and distributing farm products to those who are hardest hit.

  • We purchase and distribute red beans, onions, chilies, palm sugar, ground nuts and sesame to hundreds of families in Bagan.

  • We purchase and distribute butterfly beans, squash, tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes to hundreds of families in Inle Lake.

We also fund rural clinics throughout central Burma, including refugee camps for internally displaced persons.

In the inspiring words of the late Christopher Reeve, “Once you choose hope, anything is possible.”

Please contact us at for additional information on how you can help.


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