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Lost in Translation

From quaint grammatical infelicities to expressions lost in translation, unintentionally hilarious signs are a universal source of amusement when traveling in foreign countries.

Here are a few of our favorites.

It is not allowed to wear short pants, shameless dresses and not good looking dresses.

We are sorry, but these toilets are out of action. Please use floor.

Monuments Conservation Center shall not permit to sell entrance tickets to visitors in shorts and underclothes.

Toilet button is on your back side.

Good implementation of civilized way of life: enter well dressed, keeping clean order, no smoking.

Beggars are absolutely forbidden following visitors. Severe sanction shall be applied to whom, especially the fake handicapped.

Foot wearing not allowed.

Climbing, destruction, bird shooting, gathering for football, vehicle race making forbidden.

Please mount bare of shoes.

Welcom turist. We spik Inglish.


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