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Skipping Stones: An Award Winning Multicultural Magazine for Teens

As a world traveler, you recognize the importance of multicultural awareness among young people.

As a teacher, parent, grandparent or member of a community, you also know the value of developing creative potential among pre-teens and teenagers.

Here's a resource that addresses both of those objectives.

Skipping Stones is an award-winning magazine that celebrates cultural diversity; advocates for ecological and environmental sustainability; and provides a forum for a meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences among young readers from diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Each issue features poems, stories, articles, artwork, photos and book reviews that are relevant to pre-teens and teenagers.

The magazine also provides an excellent opportunity for creative expression or to voice an opinion on current events.

Gift subscriptions are available for your young relatives or friends, or for your local schools.

To learn more, please visit


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